Blog 143: What would you have in your dream home library?

August 16, 2022

Lots of people dream about having a library in their home filled with lots of books, but aside from all the books you would like to have, what else would you want to have in your dream library? I gave this some thought and came up with my own list of things I would like to have in my dream home library, other than all my books.

  1. A big comfy window seat looking out onto the world or at nature, or maybe both! I love the idea of a window seat, to sit and read whilst occasionally gazing out at the people walking by or staring up at the trees and sky.
  2. A couple of side tables, for drinks and plates of food but they would inevitably end up with piles of books.
  3. A big comfy chair and blanket, something to sink into and keep warm, especially during the winter.
  4. A large soft rug. I love walking bare foot in soft carpet or rugs.
  5. A display case for my fragile collectables. I have a collection of fairy ornaments that I would love to shut away in a display case to keep them safe and to stop them from collecting dust!
  6. An antique writing desk with lots of drawers. I always have lots of notebooks, pens and bits of paper when I’m trying to write, so a writing desk with lots of drawers sounds perfect for me.
  7. A tall standing lamp, especially helpful when it starts to get dark or you just need some extra light whilst you’re reading. It also makes the room look super cosy.
  8. Biscuit tin for the biscuits and tea.
  9. Fairy lights, just because they look pretty.
  10. A well behaved cat named Erwin, I love cats but I can’t have one at the moment where I live. I can imagine a cat sitting in my lap whilst I read a book.
  11. Some leafy house plants, just to bring some greenery and nature into the library.


A lot of people imagine a nice fire in their library, but after visiting lots of homes with bookshelves near fireplaces, I can tell you that the books usually end up covered in ash, smell of smoke, and sometimes a bit burnt. So if you want a fireplace in your dream home library, consider a fake fireplace rather than a real one.