Blog 97: Keeping A Diary During Lockdown.

April 15, 2020

Earlier this year I bought a copy of ‘The Terry Pratchett Diary’. It contains quotes from the Discworld novels and tributes from renowned authors such as Neil Gaiman and A.S. Byatt. It also contains 366 empty boxes (leap year included), for you to write a small paragraph, or a line or two about your day. This diary isn’t year specific and there are no named days, which means you can fill in this diary whenever you want. It’s the perfect gift for Terry Pratchett fans and a handy diary for anyone thinking about keeping a diary but are unsure on when they want to start.

I decided that I would keep a diary this year, but when I started in January, I had no idea the world would be facing a pandemic now. I think it is a good idea for authors to keep a diary at some point during their writing lives because writers, particularly fictional writers, see the world differently from other people. That’s not to say that writers are completely different, we still have the same struggles and annoyances that life brings like anyone else, but there are times when we think things or make observations that non-writers would perhaps miss.

As far as my own diary goes, it isn’t anything special or out of the ordinary. It contains my personal brand of sarcasm and humour which confuses most people, but maybe one day, future generations will be interested in diaries kept during this pandemic. So, I urge you all, writers and non-writers alike, pick up a pen and keep a diary during these strange times. It will help to pass the time and keep you entertained during this lockdown, and who knows, maybe other people will read it one day too.

Here are a few snippets from my diary so far…

January 16th (2020)

I’m 28 today and society demands that I celebrate it.

Went out for Thai food, I love Thai food.

January 17th (2020)

Terribly hungover. Possibly should not have stayed up drinking with my sister till three in the morning.

January 27th (2020)

People seem to be upset over a missing comma on the Brexit 50p. Personally, I can’t wait to get my hands on some so I can bury them in the ground for my own amusement.

February 1st (2020)

My sister’s cat likes to show her appreciation by bringing my sister live worms from the garden.

March 11th (2020)

The coronavirus which started in China has been declared a pandemic.

March 17th (2020)

Everyone has gone crazy, there is no toilet paper anywhere!

March 21st (2020)

I have received a cover image for my new book, Quantum Messenger. It looks great.

March 23rd (2020)

We have officially gone into LOCKDOWN because of the coronavirus pandemic.

March 29th (2020)

My brother turned Seven today. When his mother told him, he couldn’t visit his grandparents because the government was making everyone stay at home, he replied; ‘Doesn’t the government know it’s my birthday?’

April 2nd (2020)

Confirmed global coronavirus cases has now passed one million.

April 5th (2020)

My sleeping patterns are all messed up.

Queenie spoke to the country today.

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