Blog 166: Twenty Things Only Book-Lovers Can Relate To…

August 16, 2023
  1. Spending all your left over income on books. After all the household bills have been taken care of any surplus is obviously book money, I mean who needs food, right?
  2. Collecting multiple free bookmarks. If a bookmark is being given away for free, you can guarantee a book-lover will happily accept one or three.
  3. Using any bit of scrap paper as a bookmark. This may include greeting cards, receipts, railway tickets, letters, etc.
  4. Buying more shelves so you can buy more books. Space is always the problem for bibliophiles, if there is space for more bookshelves then there is space for more books.
  5. Reading the book before watching the movie. This is a rule that all book-lovers follow, and if they don’t, they will definitely read the book after watching the movie.
  6. Falling in love with fictional characters. Book-lovers will definitely feeling a stronger sense of connection and understanding with fictional characters over real people.
  7. Having a growing TBR pile by the bed. There are just too many good books out there and our piles just continue to grow.
  8. Loving all book-themed accessories and apparel. Books on a bag, t-shirt, or pencil case? Yes please.
  9. Buying a book just because it’s pretty. Some books are just so marvellous on their own that you have to buy them so they can sit proudly on your shelves.
  10. Loving the smell of books and bookshops. There’s a comfort and familiarity when walking into a bookshop or opening a new book for the first time. You will hear readers exclaim out loud how they love the smell of books!
  11. Getting excited over super old books. Old books are amazing. The time and effort required to make books by hand is just incredible.
  12. Buying multiple copies of your favourite books. I am definitely guilty of this one. Sometimes you just need more than one copy, one to read, one to write in, one to keep in pristine condition, one with a fancy cover, etc.
  13. Wishing you could own and run your own bookshop. What book-lover doesn’t dream of being surrounded by books all day and earning a living from it?
  14. Possessively protecting dust-jackets. Dust-jackets are works of art nowadays that no one would want to destroy, but old dust-jackets on early editions can significantly increase the value of a book.
  15. Decorating your home with book-related art. If you can’t have the bookshop then you can definitely have the art all around your home, from framed pictures, to cushion covers, blankets and more.
  16. Spending hours in bookshops. If you’re out with a book-lover and they see a bookshop, expect to be waiting for them for a while.
  17. Collecting multiple notebooks. We don’t even write in them, we just like having them, as many as possible.
  18. Wanting to stay in book-themed Hotels or B&B’s. A room themed around books, where you can stay for a few days, is a book-lover’s dream holiday.
  19. Watching booktuber’s and reading book blogs. We must consult other book-lovers opinions, how else will we decide what books to buy and when?
  20. Writing honest and heart-felt book reviews about the books you love. If we love a book we will take the time to tell the world how much we loved it.