Blog 86: New Book Announcement – Another Path.

May 2, 2019

Another Path is only £2.39 on Kindle! You can get a copy of Another Path here.

NEW BOOK – ANOTHER PATH (Released 23rd April 2019)

When I started writing Anomaly in 2014 I had an idea of where I wanted The Soul Prophecies series to go. I wanted to write about Arhl’s world and I had a vision for how the series would end. The series was always going to be a trilogy but half way through Anomaly I realised that I needed to explain Sophia’s story too. I wrote Hidden Variables as a prequel to Anomaly for that purpose.

Four years later and I have finished writing the series; I know where the story travels and its ultimate destination. Outlet Publishing offered me the release of a deluxe edition of Hidden Variables/Anomaly to include my science notes (Sophia’s journal) and suggested editorial changes to tie in with the rest of the series.

This was the perfect opportunity for me to make some changes to the original books and tidy up any loose ends. Thus Another Path was born.

The basic stories behind the original Anomaly and Hidden Variables remain unchanged, though some sections and ideas have been modified. For those of you who have already read Anomaly and Hidden Variables I hope you will also enjoy reading Another Path. We plan to release the next books in the series all within a year of this one.  The original Anomaly and Hidden Variables books will be discontinued after the current press run ends, so I guess that will make them collectable in the future.

Thank you all for your patience and for your continued support as well as all the kind reviews. I’m always overwhelmed, and motivated, by the positive feedback for my books and I’m looking forward to sharing my new work with you.

Another Path is only £2.39 on Kindle! You can get a copy of Another Path here.

Book 1 and 2: Anomaly and prequel Hidden Variables – collectively, Another Path  (Published)

Book 3: Lost Frequencies (Unpublished)

Book 4: The Quantum Messenger (Unpublished)

The Soul Prophecies explores the evolution of the soul from the planet Iyeeka, three-hundred million years ago, to the birth of human souls, and ultimately artificial intelligent souls, in the near future here on Earth. Throughout the series we discover how all events in the universe and everything that happens is connected. The series explores the science through the idea that time itself is another dimension containing information about all the possible states of existence at any given moment in the future. With guidance from the prophecies of an Iyeekan scientist, it is all the old world souls have to guide humankind, and any wrong decision could have disastrous consequences for both life and what lies beyond.

Present day foundations are set in Anomaly and Hidden Variables (collectively, Another Path). We learn how everything is connected and how the decisions made by a few can affect so many – and ultimately the fate of mankind. Human souls, with guidance of ancient souls from another planet millions of years in the past (Iyeeka), help steer the living to make the right choices and to evolve the conscience – and ultimately the soul. Mankind can learn from its mistakes and avoid the fate of the old world.

Lost Frequencies is set three-hundred million years in the past, on Planet Iyeeka, but is connected to Earth and humans culminating in the birth of the human soul. The book follows thirteen wise individuals struggling with the demise of their planet, riddled with climate issues which have been caused unknowingly by its inhabitants over the centuries. The Thirteen come together and journey to a town, lost to the desert, home of a scientist who prophesised the end of their civilisation and the beginning of a new one.

The Quantum Messenger is set on Earth, forty years in the future, and culminates in the birth of the soul of artificial intelligence. It’s not just the popular trope of evolving consciousness it’s about the soul itself. Apollo is an AI Personal Assistant who attempts to understand human behaviour and emotional feelings. There are elements of profound existentialism and hope to avoid a dystopian future.

All books, though connected, are independent and can work as stand-alone novels even though some characters crossover the series.