Blog 145: Twenty Truths About Being A Writer.

August 23, 2022

I’ve been writing books, or at least trying to, for the last nine years. At first I was met with a lot of disbelief and raised eyebrows when I talked about being a writer. Most people didn’t believe I could or would be able to write a book. Four published books later, I have learnt some honest and sometimes painful truths about being a writer…

  1. Writing is still hard.
  2. People will always ask you how your writing is going, even when you don’t want them to.
  3. Your writing will still need a lot of editing and help.
  4. People will still see your writing as a hobby.
  5. People will never understand why it takes you so long to write a book.
  6. Every minute you’re not writing, you will feel stressed about not writing.
  7. You will always compare your work to others.
  8. Your first book will make you cringe a little bit.
  9. You will always have several ideas for a new book bouncing around your mind.
  10. The hardest part about writing a new book, is starting your new book.
  11. You may always hate what you write when you’re writing, it doesn’t get easier.
  12. Ideas will hit you in the middle of the night when you’re trying to sleep.
  13. Always write your ideas down, you will never remember them later.
  14. Successful writers are the ones who don’t give up.
  15. Not everyone will like what you write.
  16. You will probably always doubt yourself, it’s the curse of being a creative person.
  17. Selling your books is harder than writing them.
  18. Self-promotion, especially if you’re an introvert, is terrifying and time-consuming.
  19. Every time you read a book you will look at it with a critical writer’s gaze.
  20. The film versions of great books will fill you with dread. (The book is always better).